ghost: hunter

kill humans and drag their ghosts to the portal for points.

WASD = move / ARROWS = shoot

## GDD

  • [x] Float around the map (slower) 
  • [x] You shoot humans with something, they die. Small ghost floats above their body 
  • [x] Quick respawn button (0)
  • [x] Humans spawning in to try and catch you 
  • [x] You float over and collect ghosts. They follow you like a tail (sorta)
  • [  ] If a small ghost touches a dead body on the ground, they come back to life and attack you (maybe as a zombie? Different attack pattern
  • [x] Either collect as many small ghosts you can in time limit, have a place to "deposit" ghosts you collect, high score before you die
  • [x] DONE?
  • [  ] later stuff: pickup that increases fire rate
  • [  ] dream stuff: 2-4 player mode for Switch. Competetive. Kill humans, collect ghosts, reanimate bodies that will attack other ghost(s) for you

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